As you might have seen, my name is Robert van Delft, or Rob for short. I am twenty years old and I am finishing up my bachelor degree in Communications and Multimediadesign. In this studies I found and enourmous amount of lessons, skills, insparations and friends.
In the years throughout this study I have learned that storytelling is what I am most passionate about in life and work. The power that a story can bring is unmeasurable and it fills my life with passion.
Ever since a kid I have always been really interested in commericals, and ever since then I have been analysing how, and why they work so much. 
Except for storytelling, analyzing is another passion of mine. I have a brain that wants to make sense of everything, and to do so I need to approach something from at least 40 different perspectives. This makes me great at doing research, especially into target audiences. 
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