Like all other games, there was a lot to work on. We created the custom made playable map, as seen above. This map guides you through your adventure and is filled with interactable characters.
This map keeps track of where you are in the game, while also showing you different directions you could still go in. 
This is what the map looks like when the playes choose to fill the world with color. The way you go through an encounter determines if that piece of the map will receive color (as the playes added immersion to the world) or not.
At the final encounter, the thief who stole all immersion from the world, you can decide to fight them to restore all color, or to team up to take every bit of color away from the world and the people.

Before playing, the players would receive a file in which they can create their characters. Because they create the charcaters themselves, they feel more ownership over them, and it will make the roleplaying even easier.
In this file you can choose between different clothing & skin options.

In the weeks leading up to the game, the players would receive newspapers, filled with articles from the world they would play in. We created these so people wouldn't just be thrown in to a new world, they would already be a bit more familiair with the world, the characters withing and events that happened. In these article you could also find directions, that will open up new paths in the game.
There are a total of 3 newspapers thats send to the players before the game starts. 
We have created classes that they can pick for their character, each with their own backstories. This helps with getting in to character, as you're not playing the game as you, but as the character you create. In games like Dungeons & Dragons you have to do that youself. While working on this game and playing D&D with our group members we found that this was a pretty long and intense proces which we wanted to make easier for the players.
All classes have their own strenghts and wekanesses, and a strong balance between the classes will have an impact on the story. 
The narrator of the story plays all the characters in the world. The questions you ask them will impact your journey. If you don't ask enough, or just the wrong questions, you won't get enough information which will make the journey a bit more difficult.

Writing the story is one of the most difficult writing I have ever done. Since the narrative relies so much on the choices of the players, we had two write as much options as we could think of for each encounter. With every test we found so many more options that we'd never think about. While writing like this is very difficult and often frustrating, it is very fun to create so many characters that have so many things to say.

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